Love as a genetic legacy


By Koji Suzuki

Translated by Tyran Grillo
Hardcover, 288 pages, 6.5 x 9.5 inches
978-1-932234-23-7 / 1-932234-23-3
U.S.$21.95 / CAN$27.95

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From the unique imagination of the author of the Ring trilogy, comes an unconventional love story outside the horror genre. Comprising three distinct parts, of which each is a tale of adventure, Paradise demonstrates Koji Suzuki is just as much in his element plotting adrenalin-fueled searches across the desert.

In the arid badlands of prehistoric Asia, a lovelorn youth violates a sacred tribal taboo by etching an image of his beloved. When the foretold punishment comes to pass, the two must embark on a journey across the world, and time itself, to try to reclaim their destiny. A mysterious spirit guides them towards a surprise destination that readers may indeed find quite close to home.

“This first novel by Koji Suzuki, who went on to reinvent contemporary horror in the classic Ring trilogy, gleams with imaginative power. A love story refracted through time, Paradise pretty much made time disappear while I read it—one whole Saturday flew past. What a pleasure, and what a wonderful writer.”
—Peter Straub