Promenade of the Gods

Parallel piece to the Ring series

Promenade of the Gods

By Koji Suzuki

Translated by Takami Nieda
Hardcover, 320 pages, 6.25 x 9.5 inches
U.S.$24.95 / CAN$27.95

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One evening, a man saunters out after watching television and fails to come home. He calls his wife to tell her that he just can’t live with her anymore. Left with a baby daughter and at a loss, Miyuki contacts her husband’s childhood friend Shirow for help. As the two investigate the missing man’s whereabouts, they come to fear that the disappearance involves more than mere caprice.

Published a dozen years after Ring, the contemporary horror classic that won Koji Suzuki worldwide acclaim, Promenade of the Gods is a mystery in which the author’s signature use of amateur sleuths comes to the fore and spellbinds anew. Considered his most important novel since the famous Ring trilogy, Promenade shares with it many themes and a character; a guru called Kageyama, mentioned only in passing in Ring. When the occult and the media cross ways, a new light begins to shimmer on the horizon.

While an essential companion piece for connoisseurs of the Ring trilogy and the themes explored therein, Promenade requires and expects no familiarity with the earlier series. It is an excellent introduction to the world of Koji Suzuki and the unique delights of his storytelling style, which pulls readers along whether they like it or not.

“A tensely wrought tale. Suzuki doesn’t stereotype true believers as mindless automatons, the way they’ve been frequently portrayed in the mass media. He nevertheless provides interesting insights into how people in a spiritual vacuum are drawn to cults. The climax is presented in a deviously clever manner… The style supports the narrative, raising tension through artful understatement while working in unexpected shocks. Promenade is a fine effort, with a ring of plausibility that subtly revives the mood back in March 1995, when the public’s fears of Shoko Asahara’s doomsday cult were palpable.”
—Mark Schreiber, The Japan Times


“This first novel by Koji Suzuki, who went on to reinvent contemporary horror in the classic Ring trilogy, gleams with imaginative power. A love story refracted through time, Paradise pretty much made time disappear while I read it—one whole Saturday flew past. What a pleasure, and what a wonderful writer.”
—Peter Straub


“(Suzuki’s) stories have a unique, alchemical quality to them and he has demonstrated a miraculous power for transmuting the very common into the very frightening.”
Rue Morgue