In BØDY, award-winning author Asa Nonami offers five cautionary tales that remind us what can happen when we place too much importance on the superficial. Each story centers around a character whose distorted self-image comes from a fixation on a particular part of the body.  From an aging housewife addicted to plastic surgery (“Navel”), a salaryman obsessed with women’s soft knees (“Blood”), and a twenty-something guy horrified by his thinning hair (“Whorl”) to a teenager who stops eating in order to impress the kids at her new boarding school (“Buttocks”) and a boy who constantly gets himself beaten up by older men (“Jaw”), here are ordinary people with seemingly ordinary problems. Yet, the only solutions they can find involve drastic measures.

Asa Nonami is one of Japan’s most popular writers whose fans include readers across a wide range of genres. BØDY showcases the many talents that have made Nonami so successful: her spare prose style, her ability to create complex and interesting characters, her no-nonsense perception of the world, and the often shocking plot twists that are both surprising and totally satisfying.


For Now You’re One of Us
“Hugely entertaining – like watching some filmed version of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test from an adapted screenplay by Mario Puzo and directed by Yasujiro Ozu.”—Time Asia

“This novel is in the great tradition of Daphne du Maurier and Mary Roberts Rinehart, with lots of atmosphere and cryptic clues, and the creepy plotlines just pull us further and further into the darkness.”—The Globe and Mail

For The Hunter
“Absorbing. . . .”—The Washington Post Book World

“A razor-sharp crime novel that will leave readers hungry for more Nonami.”—Booklist

“Engaging, complex. . . all will hope to see more of the prolific Nonami’s work made availabe in the U.S.”—Publishers Weekly

Holiday Cheer

Generally around this time of year most homes are overflowing with cheer. With presents piling up under the Christmas fir and assorted lights decorating communities inside and out, even with the occasional holiday tiff good will and happiness tends to resonate with most Americans. Vertical’s latest release is about as cheery as it gets for this company. The most recent volume of Stan Lee’s Heroman moves away from the action and suspense of Skrugg busting and alien smashing, in favor of focusing its spotlight on the everyday activities of Central City, USA; where sports are king, fast food is consumed in mass quantities and cheerleading is just as violent an activity as football or superhero-ing!

The second volume of Heroman finds our middle school aged protagonist Joey Jones and our amazing robot superhero continuing their battle against Skrugg invasion! Tougher and tougher opponents are beaming down from above to try their hand at causing destructive and taking out the Heroman. However, both Heroman and Joey are always ready to fight, bringing their all to each encounter. When Will, brother of love-interest Lina and general bully, sees Joey’s new found determination and ends up owning him his life several times over, he too decides that he can be a hero. Can Will aid Joey in the fight against the Skrugg or become an unnecessary that distraction goes horribly wrong?

The combined efforts of the top creative minds of both America and Japan make Stan Lee’s Heroman a noteworthy entry into the wide world of shonen manga. The stakes are high and the aliens just keep on coming, you can bet that Joey and Heroman are taking us one wild journey.  With pulsating fights against an attacking alien horde, fiery characters with memorable personality, and a blistering excess of shonen spirit, this manga brings it all! Heroman, bringing an alien invasion right to your hands, is the perfect stocking stuffer for every shonen fan, young or old.

Project Runaway

Beautiful fashion, endless romanticism, and those incredibly well dressed gorgeous boys return in the second volume of Ai Yazawa’s Paradise Kiss. The beloved josei manga Paradise Kiss continues its triumphant yet fashionable return to the North American market in this second of three omnibus volumes.

A lot seems to be happening the life of Paradise Kiss’s enthusiastic heroine Yukari Hayasaka in this second volume.  For starters, both her modeling career and her relationship with the enigmatic pretty boy George begin to take off. One day a normal high school girl, the next she stops attending classes and gets scouted by a modeling agency. Yukari thinks she has it all, now that she has George and the rest of her new friends at the atelier.  However, what will happen when she realizes that maybe her love with George isn’t all that she fantasized it would be, and that she can’t run from her real life forever?

Brought to life by Yazawa’s absolutely gorgeous line art and her fashion know how, the world and the outfits of Paradise Kiss are nothing less than exemplary. If you missed out on Parakiss the first time around, or are just looking for a good excuse to reread this modern classic, this stunning new release of Ai Yazawa’s Paradise Kiss is a must.