Fold. . . cut. . . pop. . . celebrate!

Nothing says you care more than a card or gift you’ve made yourself.  And since so many different special occasions occur in the Spring and Summer, now is the perfect time to pick up a pair of scissors and begin creating personal, one-of-a-kind expressions of your feelings. In Vertical’s latest crafting book, Simply Precious Pop-Ups, author Kiyoshi Kikuchi offers all the practical tips and inspiration you’ll need to make delightful 3D greeting cards.

For Mother’s Day (May 12), there’s a bevy of beautiful bouquets, from tulips and violets, to daisies and carnations (pp. 4,5,13) On Father’s Day (June 16), tell Dad he’s your Hero (p. 8) and give him the Golf Clubs he’s been coveting (p. 13). Welcome Summer on June 21, with a delicate Butterfly or a cool cup of Italian Ices (p. 16). Reward your champion Little Leaguer with a well-deserved trophy (p. 31) and lift a Glass of Wine (p. 6) in a toast to the new graduate. And for recent graduates lucky enough to land that first job, show them how to start off in style:  Women’s Jacket and Men’s Suit (p. 12). All those June brides will fall in love with the Wedding Dress and charming Dove and Olive Branch cards (p. 9). And send the happy couple on their Honeymoon (or wish your BFF bon voyage) on an airplane soaring above the clouds (p.9).

Simply Precious Pop-Ups gives you suggestions for cards that mark memorable events all through the year including birthdays and anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, the arrival of a new baby, or just letting someone know you’re thinking of him. And with Kikuchi’s easy-to-follow instructions and information about tools, materials, patterns, etc., these 3D cards are as much fun to create as they are  satisfying to send.

Simply Precious Pop-ups is a new book filled with loads of fun do-it-yourself pop up cards. . . Since my dad loves to golf and Father’s Day is coming up soon I decided to try out the golf bag card. The instructions were easy to follow and the card was quick to make. I needed only a few simple supplies, two ½ sheets of paper, a small pair of sharp scissors and a stylus for scoring. I think my dad will love it!” —

Space Operatic

There has been something in the air recently. For some reason, there has been a resurgence in space appreciation. Could it be caused by a return to Mars exploration? Or maybe inspired by nostalgia created by a Space Shuttle tour? Whatever the reason, space is on our minds and here at Vertical we have had our heads above the clouds for years now…

On the heels of a hugely-successful Gundam the ORIGIN launch comes volume two of Tsutomu Nihei’s Knights Of Sidonia. This latest volume starts off with a stunningly illustrated (complete with color pages) battle between the Guana and the Garde that leaves our protagonist, Tanikaze, and one of his fellow fighters, the beautiful yet quiet Shizuka Hoshijiro, stranded together in the depths of the abyss. How will things develop between them when it’s unclear if they will ever be rescued? Plus, readers are treated to a look into the past of Kunato, the resident son of nobility, as he makes his first decisive, though utterly repulsive, move.

The newest work by sci-fi manga godsend Tsutomu Nihei continues on as a beautifully illustrated portrayal of the last of humanity floating away in space fighting on for their survival. This second volume proves to be an ever more intimate and harrowing experience as the story begins to really move off the ground. So brace yourself for yet another atypical Vertical space adventure!

It’s a… Best Seller!!

In case you are a rare Vertical fan who does not read manga, you might not be aware that our latest release, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko’s Gundam the ORIGIN, has hit the New York Times Manga Best Seller list for the second week in a row. This re-telling of the very first Mobile Suit Gundam animated series by the story’s original art director has captured the attention of fans across the globe nearly 35 years after the cartoon debuted in Japan. While not a frame by frame adaptation, YAS (as the author is known affectionately by fans) has retooled this sci-fi classic to craft what may be the definitive first Gundam tale.

To match the quality of the content, Vertical has gone beyond the call of duty to make this release a unique reader experience. Each 400-plus page sturdy hardcover release is packed with dozens of color pages on rich thick glossy paper. Every book also features extra materials, such as essays, comics and portraits, from famous Gundam fans. The materials from luminaries such as Hideaki Anno (Evengelion), CLAMP (Cardcaptor Sakura), and Shimoku Kio (Genshiken) detail each of these artists relationship with the Gundam franchise allowing readers to share the experience with their idols in a way rarely seen in manga.

But if you are on the fence or new to the world of Gundam, we ask you go check out a short preview at and consider these reviews:

“[Gundam] contains such a rich vein of character, drama and imaginative concepts that its influence is still felt over thirty years later. For this reason alone, it deserves both your time and your respect. Oh, and it looks awesome on your shelf.” —Anime U.K.

“This is without a doubt one of the nicest manga volumes I’ve owned, since Vertical chose to print this in an oversized hardcover format with glossy paper. A must buy for any past and present Gundam fans, and if you haven’t encountered the franchise before, I’m betting this manga will win you over.” —Manga Report

“The main reason to get the Gundam manga is probably the same reason the original anime became so legendary; you can’t stop wondering what happens next. These people and their struggle to survive are amazingly compelling, and everything about this manga adaptation—the plot, the artwork, the characterization—makes it justify its existence. I am very happy to see it coming out here, and can’t wait for more.” —A Case Suitable for Treatment