Game Changer

With school violence and bullying hot topics in today’s media there are no doubts as to why Keiko Suenobu’s Limit has captivated a growing audience. Scenes of shallow high school society that everyone has lived through has been eliminated from memory, as a dire, desperate world becomes fully realized through the pages of Suenobu’s comic. Limit deconstructs the relationships between teenagers and presents them in a setting where focusing on the superficial aspects of them will result death. Far away from their comfort zones, these girls might not survive this ordeal if they don’t survive each other. Unlike in high school, there’s no home for them to return to.

In this third volume, Morishige, the scythe wielding bully victim turned maniac dictator of the group, has lost her power, as one of her “underlings” has run off with her weapon. So will the other remaining girls in this Lord Of The Flies-esque situation forgive her for her dangerous actions or will they condemn her for what she’s done? The group’s dynamic is further changed once another survivor appears. However, the newest addition is not only a male, but also someone who’s been disgusted by how the group acted so far and begins to make a positive impact.

Keiko Suenobu is no stranger to writing manga that addresses the darker issues facing today’s youth. She isn’t afraid to put her characters in adverse situations to get into the thick of them and develop engaging narratives around them. Every moment in this unconventional shojo manga (girls comic) is chilling, making Limit one gripping and unforgettable ride every reader should take. Which is why rare shojo thrillers like Limit are poised to revitalize the shojo market at a time when the sector needs it the most.