Lessons Learned

With the holiday season in now deep in our collective rear-view mirrors, many of us are settling back into our regular routines. Some of us are returning to our 9-to-5 grinds, while the youth head on back to their familiar halls of learning with school now back in session. And school is on our minds here at Vertical this time of month as we release yet another volume of Toru Fujisawa’s GTO 14 Days in Shonan.

Certainly, we would all rather be along the shores of Shonan on spring break like Eikichi Onizuka, but would we want the work-related stress that comes with re-working the local education system? In this 7th volume Onizuka must continue to “educate” at the top of his game as the ongoing reign of tyranny from the seemingly undefeatable Oedipus Club finally reaches its dramatic conclusion. Though he may have prevented an act of arson in the last volume, what will happen when he’s the one starting the fire? With a little help from a few of the beloved classic GTO characters Onizuka lights up a storm that neither the Swan House nor the Oedipus Club will ever be able to forget. Also, when one Onizuka’s biggest fans from the original GTO meets Shinomi, his old The Early Years flame that never quite got over him, will Onizuka finally find love (or rather get laid) or more than likely, will this just spell out more trouble for our ludicrous blonde protagonist?

As is standard throughout the GTO series, lessons are learned the hard way. Whether they are taught through pranks gone awry or through fisticuffs and high-speed mayhem, Onizuka is generally more than happy to share some street smarts with the masses, young and old. And Vertical, while not capable of such acts of violence, would like to follow in the GTO’s footsteps to teach readers a bit about the diversity in Japanese pop-culture. Our lessons, presented in book form, will also end up with happy endings, but will cost much less than a trip to the hospital or juvenile hall…