Spring Break

Spring break is over and kids across the country are going back to class to prepare for finals and the end of the school term. And while we recognize that students have to return to the classroom, most people forget that educators have to return to their halls of learning eventually, too.

The greatest teacher, Eikichi Onizuka, has been on leave in his hometown for the past two weeks (and seven volumes). It was just supposed to be a break from the noise and chaos of Tokyo, but it has turned into an extended field trip at a regional children’s home, where young educators attempt to pull some emotional strings attached to the hears of troubled teens.

But trust is only one foe Onizuka has to face. In Volume 8 of GTO: 14 Days in Shonan the Great Teacher most overcome his most powerful foe yet. It’s not a kid who needs a bit of guidance to be set on the right path, a gang of yanki thugs, nor is it some power hungry administrator trying to solely get rid of the great teacher. No, this time, he has to go up against the mayor of Shonan. Will Onizuka be able to beat some sense into him before innocent teens get hurt, or will all hell break lose?

Reckless abandon is what is expected on holiday, but in this case Onizuka is looking for a more casual experience back home.

Thankfully for fans of this beloved property, 14 Days is dripping with testosterone, delivering a barrage of punches – comical and physical – to uplift lives and inspire today’s youth as the seasons begin to change.