In BØDY, award-winning author Asa Nonami offers five cautionary tales that remind us what can happen when we place too much importance on the superficial. Each story centers around a character whose distorted self-image comes from a fixation on a particular part of the body.  From an aging housewife addicted to plastic surgery (“Navel”), a salaryman obsessed with women’s soft knees (“Blood”), and a twenty-something guy horrified by his thinning hair (“Whorl”) to a teenager who stops eating in order to impress the kids at her new boarding school (“Buttocks”) and a boy who constantly gets himself beaten up by older men (“Jaw”), here are ordinary people with seemingly ordinary problems. Yet, the only solutions they can find involve drastic measures.

Asa Nonami is one of Japan’s most popular writers whose fans include readers across a wide range of genres. BØDY showcases the many talents that have made Nonami so successful: her spare prose style, her ability to create complex and interesting characters, her no-nonsense perception of the world, and the often shocking plot twists that are both surprising and totally satisfying.


For Now You’re One of Us
“Hugely entertaining – like watching some filmed version of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test from an adapted screenplay by Mario Puzo and directed by Yasujiro Ozu.”—Time Asia

“This novel is in the great tradition of Daphne du Maurier and Mary Roberts Rinehart, with lots of atmosphere and cryptic clues, and the creepy plotlines just pull us further and further into the darkness.”—The Globe and Mail

For The Hunter
“Absorbing. . . .”—The Washington Post Book World

“A razor-sharp crime novel that will leave readers hungry for more Nonami.”—Booklist

“Engaging, complex. . . all will hope to see more of the prolific Nonami’s work made availabe in the U.S.”—Publishers Weekly