Hope Springs…

HeromanInstead of waiting for spring to come, warm up your body this winter by letting the latest installment of Stan Lee’s Heroman boil your blood. This culture clashing manga will hit you with everything a shonen manga fan could wish for. Complete with the complete destruction of an alien base, some absolutely funky hair, and a robot essentially going “super-saiyan”, what more would any shonen loving manga reader want?

The third volume of Heroman is both the darkest and most thrilling book in the series yet.  After finally making peace with Joey last volume, Will gets captured by the insect invaders and becomes subject to some nasty genetic modification and brainwashing. Does the now half-Skrugg mind-warped Will mean defeat for Heroman and his compatriots or will he come to his senses and give them the edge it’ll take to bring down the invading Skrugg army once and for all? Either way, you won’t want to miss the climatic final battle between Heroman and the Skrugg commander. Worry not though; Heroman isn’t ending here as something even more devious is happening behind the scenes.

Stan Lee’s Heroman, a joint effort by top creative minds of both the east and west, is a triumphant example of all out fun. It’s not your typical east meets west story, but it is sure to entertain. The conflict is peaking and the battle against the invading aliens is at its climax, you just know that this volume is absolutely one not to miss. Bringing together what makes shonen manga so endearing and what makes the American superhero so awe inspiring, Heroman continues to be a unique and stand out entity in its genre.

Holiday Cheer

Generally around this time of year most homes are overflowing with cheer. With presents piling up under the Christmas fir and assorted lights decorating communities inside and out, even with the occasional holiday tiff good will and happiness tends to resonate with most Americans. Vertical’s latest release is about as cheery as it gets for this company. The most recent volume of Stan Lee’s Heroman moves away from the action and suspense of Skrugg busting and alien smashing, in favor of focusing its spotlight on the everyday activities of Central City, USA; where sports are king, fast food is consumed in mass quantities and cheerleading is just as violent an activity as football or superhero-ing!

The second volume of Heroman finds our middle school aged protagonist Joey Jones and our amazing robot superhero continuing their battle against Skrugg invasion! Tougher and tougher opponents are beaming down from above to try their hand at causing destructive and taking out the Heroman. However, both Heroman and Joey are always ready to fight, bringing their all to each encounter. When Will, brother of love-interest Lina and general bully, sees Joey’s new found determination and ends up owning him his life several times over, he too decides that he can be a hero. Can Will aid Joey in the fight against the Skrugg or become an unnecessary that distraction goes horribly wrong?

The combined efforts of the top creative minds of both America and Japan make Stan Lee’s Heroman a noteworthy entry into the wide world of shonen manga. The stakes are high and the aliens just keep on coming, you can bet that Joey and Heroman are taking us one wild journey.  With pulsating fights against an attacking alien horde, fiery characters with memorable personality, and a blistering excess of shonen spirit, this manga brings it all! Heroman, bringing an alien invasion right to your hands, is the perfect stocking stuffer for every shonen fan, young or old.

Shonen Americana

From the mind of the biggest name in western comics, Stan Lee, comes this exciting tale of east-meets-west robot versus alien action! Heroman, the story of a boy trying to discover his self-worth and his robot ally fighting to keep his loved ones safe from spirits, aliens, and whatever other foes may threaten the day.  A cross between traditional superhero comic books and Japanese giant robot science-fiction, Heroman brings an exciting cultural blend to the cookie-cutter world of shonen manga.

Joey Jones and, due to a Peter Parker-esque freak accident, second-hand toy turned superhero robot Heroman come together to form what on paper appears to be an old couple of sorts when considering the world of western superheroes. Nevertheless, in this first volume alone, they not only fight off an ancient demon spirit, but a several insect alien invaders hell bent on taking over the earth. In between the gripping not-so-giant robot action, Joey is trying to figure out what it means to be a hero and if he can be one alongside his trusted companion HM. But he’ll have to figure it out before the impending alien invasion launches in full force.

Set in the non-specific American town Central City, Heroman is filled with distinct characters, pulsating action, and enough shonen fury to fight off any opposing force.
A unique combination of top creative talent from both the east and the west, Heroman promises excitement, adventure, and enough action that a boy and his half super-hero half giant robot could handle.