A Vertical Feast

Last month we alerted you all of Vertical’s plans for this fall. Big launches for Ninja Slayer and Tokyo ESP followed. A successful New York ComicCon also came out of what was a monstrously big October. But that was just the start of what is going to be a hearty and tasty fourth quarter.

This month is when things really begin to heat up. Two of Vertical’s biggest hit-makers return after extended breaks. The English edition of one of Japan’s top selling novels eve will finally hit stores. To top that all off, we bring you more comedic gold from a rising star of Japanese humor.

There is plenty to be thankful this month, and we would be very grateful if you choose to have Vertical be a part of your fall this year.

A November to be Thankful For

New Releases

Back in 2009, Vertical began an initiative to expand its manga catalog. Prior to then we had only worked with three mangaka, releasing around a pair of titles a year since 2004. Now we have more than 50 manga titles under our belt. The first title from that new wave, though, was Konami Kanata’s Chi’s Sweet Home. By far the best selling manga title in our list and one of the longer running ones, at that, Chi is finally coming to a close this month with what might be the most heart-wrenching releases we have ever put to print. It will be sad to see this series wrap up, but thankfully we’ll be working more with Konami Kanata in the future. So that relationship will continue as we expand the North American cat comics market.

While Chi is big, our best selling authors are actually Aranzi Aronzo. The DIY duo from Osaka broke through globally not long after we introduced the Western world to The Cute Book and Cute Stuff. These collections of creepy-cute so-simple-it’s-fun doll and accessory making books have become a cult hit over the years. Now, five years removed from their last hit The Cuter Book and a number of storefronts later, Aranzi returns to English world with another 40 or so patterns in their Cuter Stuff collection. Crafters of all experience levels will rejoice when they see all the new ideas Aranzi have come up with lately.

In My Neighbor Seki volume 5, Rumi Yokoi might have thought she could escape Seki’s games while her class was on an extended field-trip. She possibly was being a little naive as Seki would not only continue his games on the road, he would even have his beloved Robot Family on the trip with him providing an addition bit of tension into Rumi’s already stressful life. Now with essentially two field trips occurring at once, Rumi must find a way to split her time between watching over her favorite action figures and enjoying her edu-tainment with her classmates. This may be Seki’s most diabolical project yet!

After a brief delay, Naoki Hyakuta’s The Eternal Zero is now scheduled to land in stores this month. Already legendary for breaking sales records in Japan, it has been the subject of a lot of debate and media attention in and out of Asia since it launched in 2006. It is not often the West gets to see books of this magnitude translated so quickly, so we are certain it will cause a stir once it hits North American literature’s radar.

Listen to This!

At New York ComicCon last month Vertical made news when they announced their new line of audio light novels!

Coming Spring 2016 prose releases like KIZUMONOGATARI and Attack on Titan: Harsh Mistress of the City will make their way to MP3 players and eBook readers in the near future. Voiced by trained voice actors and enhanced by music and audio effects, these audio books should give fans new ways to experience their favorite series.

Details, such as when and where these books will debut, are still being worked out. But stay tuned to this newsletter for more information on this new and unique way to enjoy Japanese prose in English!

Future Releases:

So whether in audio or in print (or even digital) as you come together with family and friends this fall, we would be very thankful if you all would gather with a Vertical book (or two). We’re certain they’ll warm you up and satisfy any hunger for entertainment you’d have.

Image Copyrights – All Rights Reserved
My Neighbor Seki © Takuma Morishige 2014; Cuter Stuff © ARANZI ARONZO 2013; The Eternal Zero © Naoki Hyakuta 2006; Chi’s Sweet Home © 2015 Konami Kanata; KIZUMONOGATARI © NISIOISIN 2015

Summer of Vertical

It’s summer time and as is often the case this season already has a been an ambitious one for Vertical, Inc. With a number of new releases, a range of new license announcements, and a now completed summer con tour over, there were plenty of topics to highlight for readers throughout the course of the summer.

We’ll get to some of that news a little later. But, before we do, we wanted to remind you of our August 2015 releases:

August 2015 ReleaseA Fantastic August
This August, Vertical is feeling fantastic! Sure, with titles like those found in our catalog we, and our readers, should always be feeling great, but this month we have three high quality fantasy and sci-fi tales that are particularly excellent!

Leading off the month is the sixth volume of Ryu Mizunagi’s hit rom-com Witchcraft Works. Ayaka’s battle with Weekend continues and it is quickly moving to its climax. But without a source of power for her magic will she be able to finally defeat this rogue bomb-wielding witch?

Meanwhile Kei Nagai and a handful of domestic demi-human are preparing to take on some truly rogue forces in volume 6 of Gamon Sakurai’s AJIN. But before they embark on their mission, readers are treated to a brief flashback involving the lone woman amongst the demi-human corps. Sakurai takes readers back to Izumi’s days as a high school teen when she first came to terms with her demi-human side. Her past is marked with tragedy. So it comes as no surprise to see her want to change others lives for the better. Especially those she feels she can trust.

When it came to trust, those within the fortress known as Wall Maria believed they were somewhat safe from Titan attacks. However in Ryo Kawakami’s Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City the walls have been breached and now titans roam what remains of the interior. A young trooper named Rita was on the frontlines, and after closing off gates in the interior, she will have to find a way to get inside Wall Rose to safety.

Vertical Inc. NewsletterSummer Acquisitions
This summer was one of our biggest and busiest yet! With a number of new series and one-shots covering the wide-range of content that Vertical is known for, we are sure there will be something for almost every reader to dive into next year.
Here’s what we have announced over the summer:

  • Nichijou, by Keiichi Arawi (March 2016)
  • Mysterious Girlfriend X by Riichi Ueshiba (March 2016)
  • Sukibayashi Jiro by Shinzo Satomi (March 2016)
  • FukuFuku: Kitten Tales by Konami Kanata (April 2016)
  • A Cop’s Eyes by Gaku Yakumaru (April 2016)
  • The Gods Lie by Kaori Ozaki (April 2016)
  • Devilsline by Ryo Hanada (May 2016)

KizuMonogatari (cover not final)

A Fall to Get Up For
Fall is around the corner and with it some big new debuts. With titles like Ninja Slayer, Tokyo ESP, Seraph of the End on the horizon, an already stacked line-up should be greatly enhanced. And we’ll look at the other books a little closer in the coming months. Because this month we’ll focus our spotlight on a work that deserves plenty of attention from readers: NISIOISIN’s KizuMonogatari.

Within the Monogatari series, Kizu (as it is known in some circles) is considered to be the series prequel, as it details the life of Monogatari’s lead Koyomi Araragi before what occurs in the two BakeMonogatari books. Something of an occult-mystery series, NISIOISIN weaves modern themes found in popular anime and manga, while including the supernatural elements, moments of horror, and high-stakes action. NISIOISIN’s legendary wordplay is also in full-effect in this series, which only adds character to what may already be the most ambitious Japanese prose release of the year.

With an established anime adaption for most of the Monogatari series already available from ANIPLEX the brand was already at the top of most young readers’ wish lists. And now with KizuMonogatari‘s debut just around the corner, we feel this release should fulfill a wish long held by western fans by finally completing and properly realizing NISIOISIN’s “tale” in English.

Vertical Convention Tour 2015
It’s summer so the Vertical tour bus is still making stops across the country. We’ve got three more destinations before retiring the bus for the year. And we hope to see you at some of these events.

And if you happen to pass by one of our panels, stick around for special giveaways featuring goodies from some of our hit titles.

Once again, whether in person at an event, or by following us here and on our various social media platforms, this summer Vertical has the content to keep you cool and up to date with what is the best in Japanese content today.

Image Copyrights – All Rights Reserved
Witchcraft Works © 2015 Ryu Mizunagi; Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City © 2015 Hajime Iseyama and Ryo Kawakami; AJIN: Demi-human © 2015 Gamon Sakurai; Devilsline © Ryo Hanada; Mysterious Girlfriend X © Riichi Ueshiba; The Gods Lie © Kaori Ozaki; KizuMonogatari © NISIOISIN / Kodansha

Fold Your Way Into Hearts

Origami FlowersIt’s February and winter’s darkest days are now behind us. Furthermore, in a matter of weeks, chocolates and gifts wrapped in red will begin to thaw out hearts across the globe, guiding them towards the spring and warmer times.

Vertical is not immune to the Valentine’s bug. Just in time for St. Valentine’s Day is our latest paper craft release, Origami Flowers. This collection of paper-folding patterns was created with the seasons in mind. Dozens of patterns will instruct

Compiled by Kazuo Kobayashi, the Director of the Ochanomizu Origami Kaikan a registered non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of origami in Japan, Origami Flowers brings paper flowers to life in very unique and creative ways. These flowers are not your simple origami patterns with pointed edges and sharp lines; Origami Flowers features patterns that look and feel like flowers grown in your garden. Rounded rose petals, soft delicate curves on chrysanthemum and tulips, and cup like tulips are just a few designs present. Furthermore, Vertical’s release comes with eight sheets of origami paper to test out these budding projects.

So ignore the groundhog this February, and bring spring to your home with the colorful and beautiful paper bouquets of Origami Flowers!

Ho-Ho-Homemade for the holidays!

Everyday PapercraftIt’s never too early to think about creating special, handcrafted gifts for those special people on your list. Everyday Papercraft, the follow-up to Vertical’s popular Practical Origami, is just what you need  to kick-start your pre-holiday crafting frenzy.

This lively, colorful volume features 48 useful, visually appealing, and eco-friendly paper-folding projects, with detailed instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams. And you don’t have to be an accomplished origamist to produce these pieces. While some projects rely on relatively simple origami techniques, many others require only basic cutting, gluing, threading, and tying skills—plus your unlimited imagination.

The book begins by explaining the necessary material and tools. In addition to using sheets of colored paper and posterboards, you’ll find out how to re-purpose and incorporate items you have on hand, like envelopes, paperclips, buttons, sticky-notes, and hair elastics.

The projects range from accessories to help get organized (elegant Pen Cases, a Receipt Case that looks like a designer handbag, a Clip Box, Memo Stands, and a functional, yet adorable, Card Case), to objects that brighten up the home: Photo Frames that fold up into their own gift boxes, cute Cubes in which to store anything from candy to love notes, and a Pocket Tissue Box. Here, too, are suggestions for creating boxes and bags that let you present your gifts in style.  The beautiful color photos showcase the finished projects and provide inspiration for choosing papers and embellishments.

So don’t spend hours scouring the stores for the perfect gift to express how you feel. Have the fun and satisfaction of making it yourself, and make it a holiday to remember for someone you love.

Fold. . . cut. . . pop. . . celebrate!

Nothing says you care more than a card or gift you’ve made yourself.  And since so many different special occasions occur in the Spring and Summer, now is the perfect time to pick up a pair of scissors and begin creating personal, one-of-a-kind expressions of your feelings. In Vertical’s latest crafting book, Simply Precious Pop-Ups, author Kiyoshi Kikuchi offers all the practical tips and inspiration you’ll need to make delightful 3D greeting cards.

For Mother’s Day (May 12), there’s a bevy of beautiful bouquets, from tulips and violets, to daisies and carnations (pp. 4,5,13) On Father’s Day (June 16), tell Dad he’s your Hero (p. 8) and give him the Golf Clubs he’s been coveting (p. 13). Welcome Summer on June 21, with a delicate Butterfly or a cool cup of Italian Ices (p. 16). Reward your champion Little Leaguer with a well-deserved trophy (p. 31) and lift a Glass of Wine (p. 6) in a toast to the new graduate. And for recent graduates lucky enough to land that first job, show them how to start off in style:  Women’s Jacket and Men’s Suit (p. 12). All those June brides will fall in love with the Wedding Dress and charming Dove and Olive Branch cards (p. 9). And send the happy couple on their Honeymoon (or wish your BFF bon voyage) on an airplane soaring above the clouds (p.9).

Simply Precious Pop-Ups gives you suggestions for cards that mark memorable events all through the year including birthdays and anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, the arrival of a new baby, or just letting someone know you’re thinking of him. And with Kikuchi’s easy-to-follow instructions and information about tools, materials, patterns, etc., these 3D cards are as much fun to create as they are  satisfying to send.

Simply Precious Pop-ups is a new book filled with loads of fun do-it-yourself pop up cards. . . Since my dad loves to golf and Father’s Day is coming up soon I decided to try out the golf bag card. The instructions were easy to follow and the card was quick to make. I needed only a few simple supplies, two ½ sheets of paper, a small pair of sharp scissors and a stylus for scoring. I think my dad will love it!” —CraftGossip.com