Fall into Vertical

Summer is almost over and fall is just around the corner. But even with longer nights and cooler days in the horizon, Vertical continues to heat up the publishing world by releasing some of the hottest titles from Japan today. And this month we honestly do have some huge works in store for you all.


A Spectacular September
This September is huge! Some of the biggest names in anime and manga are coming your way courtesy of Vertical launching what should be a memorable fall for all our readers.

In My Neighbor Seki 4, Seki continues to haunt his fellow classmate Rumi Yokoi. This time, however, Yokoi is no longer going to take things quietly. As Seki continues to good around over P.E. and art class, Yokoi makes her mark on his little projects by changing the rules and even challenging Seki at his own games.

In Mobile Suit Gundam: The ORIGIN Part XI most of the war has been fought. Zeon is crumbling. But there is still some business left between two of this generation’s top mecha pilots – Char Aznable and Amuro Ray. Their rivalry now goes beyond just robot piloting.  After what occurred with Lalah, there is bad blood between these two and nothing is going to stop them. Not the destruction of their mecha. Not the death of most of the Zabi clan. Nothing!

Tragedy strikes in volume 14 of Knights of Sidonia. Nagate has done a good job defending the Sidonia from Gauna but it has long come at a cost. He has lost many comrades in battle, but few have meant as much to this as Tsumugi. While there is still hope for her survival, what will happen to the Guardian fighters without her support. She is an irreplaceable member of their squad.

And with the second part of Harsh Mistress of the City we are treated to the exciting conclusion of this Attack on Titan side story.


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More Acquisitions
We might not have had any panels since Otakon, but that does not mean we weren’t working hard to acquire new content to translate for you readers.

Over the last month we were fortunate to acquire the rights to the following new property –

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts by MAYBE

Combining fantasy and action this new series, from the makers of CrunchyRoll’s Tales of Wedding Rings, is setting up to be the next hit work for this beloved manga duo.

Expect to see monsters galore rendered gloriously by MAYBE and adapted into English by our Vertical Comics line starting next spring!

The Eternal Zero

A Story for the Ages
Once in every decade or so the publishing world is struck by a work that captivates a generation. Works like these are often timely and relevant, often possessing a voice that may have been awaited by the populous. Naoki Hyakuta’s The Eternal Zero is a title that fits that bill.

Having sold more than 7 million units in that small country, it has been considered a phenomenon and when considering the genre and themes of this work doubly so. This work of historical fiction takes readers back to World War II as it focuses one of that war’s deadliest weapons – the Zero Fighter.

Provocative, potentially controversial, and already being covered by journals such as The Economist, The Hollywood Reporter, and Variety, The Eternal Zero is poised to make its mark on the English book market when it hits shelves next month.

Vertical Convention Tour 2015
Summer is coming to a close, but the Vertical tour bus is still making stops across the country. We still have two more destinations before parking the bus for the winter. And we hope to see you at some of these events.

And if you happen to pass by one of our panels, stick around for special giveaways featuring goodies from some of our hit titles.

Image Copyrights – All Rights Reserved
Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City © 2015 Hajime Iseyama and Ryo Kawakami; Knights of Sidonia © 2015 Tsutomu Nihei; My Neighbor Seki © Takuma Morishige; Aizouban Mobile Suit Gundam: The ORIGIN © Yoshikazu Yasuhiko / SOTSU – SUNRISE; To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts © MAYBEi; The Eternal Zero © 2006 Naoki Hyakuta

California Calling

Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin vol. 2While most of the pop culture world heads towards Southern California for either Anime Expo or San Diego Comic Con this month, the crew of the White Base, as seen in Yoshikazu Yasuhiko’s Mobile Suit Gundam: The ORIGIN are heading towards Los Angeles for far more serious reasons.

Now there is no doubt that popular culture is serious business. This is especially true when The New York Times has ranked The ORIGIN part 2 as the best selling manga in America (week of July 5th). However, in the world of the Universal Century, there are hundreds if not thousands of lives at stake if Amuro, Sayla and Bright cannot make their debut in LA. The rush is on! The White Base is on tour to Jaburo but standing in there way is Garma and his Zeon troops. Like how anime cosplayers clash with Bronies, the results will be pure chaos…entertaining, if not shocking.

So if you haven’t experienced The ORIGIN yet, now is the time before this series like con season heads into the sunset.

It’s a… Best Seller!!

In case you are a rare Vertical fan who does not read manga, you might not be aware that our latest release, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko’s Gundam the ORIGIN, has hit the New York Times Manga Best Seller list for the second week in a row. This re-telling of the very first Mobile Suit Gundam animated series by the story’s original art director has captured the attention of fans across the globe nearly 35 years after the cartoon debuted in Japan. While not a frame by frame adaptation, YAS (as the author is known affectionately by fans) has retooled this sci-fi classic to craft what may be the definitive first Gundam tale.

To match the quality of the content, Vertical has gone beyond the call of duty to make this release a unique reader experience. Each 400-plus page sturdy hardcover release is packed with dozens of color pages on rich thick glossy paper. Every book also features extra materials, such as essays, comics and portraits, from famous Gundam fans. The materials from luminaries such as Hideaki Anno (Evengelion), CLAMP (Cardcaptor Sakura), and Shimoku Kio (Genshiken) detail each of these artists relationship with the Gundam franchise allowing readers to share the experience with their idols in a way rarely seen in manga.

But if you are on the fence or new to the world of Gundam, we ask you go check out a short preview at BN.com and consider these reviews:

“[Gundam] contains such a rich vein of character, drama and imaginative concepts that its influence is still felt over thirty years later. For this reason alone, it deserves both your time and your respect. Oh, and it looks awesome on your shelf.” —Anime U.K.

“This is without a doubt one of the nicest manga volumes I’ve owned, since Vertical chose to print this in an oversized hardcover format with glossy paper. A must buy for any past and present Gundam fans, and if you haven’t encountered the franchise before, I’m betting this manga will win you over.” —Manga Report

“The main reason to get the Gundam manga is probably the same reason the original anime became so legendary; you can’t stop wondering what happens next. These people and their struggle to survive are amazingly compelling, and everything about this manga adaptation—the plot, the artwork, the characterization—makes it justify its existence. I am very happy to see it coming out here, and can’t wait for more.” —A Case Suitable for Treatment