Yotsugi Ononoki is an Absolute Doll – Literally!

TsukimonogatariLaunching the third and final season of NISIOISIN’s massively popular MONOGATARI SERIES, TSUKIMONOGATARI: Possession Tale brings the narrative focus back to Koyomi Araragi and his strange relationship with adorable tween Yotsugi Ononoki. To all appearances, she’s just a regular girl, albeit eccentric and affectless. But in truth, this living doll is, quite literally, a doll. An aberration, an apparition, a monster. Not human. Created originally from a corpse to mimic a human being. Even more disturbing than meeting up again with Ononoki is an encounter with Yozuru Kagenui, who employs Ononoki as a shikigami, a familiar. Araragi and Kagenui have history, as do Shinobu and Ononoki. History that includes knock-down, drag-out battles, in which Araragi did not fare well.

So a new confrontation with old enemies is not cause for celebration for Araragi and Shinobu.

TSUKIMONOGATARI features a Rogues Gallery of both just-introduced and familiar characters – Ononoki, Kagenui, Izuko Gaen, Suruga Kanbaru (who happens to be Ms. Gaen’s niece), Deishu Kaiki, Ogi Oshino, and more. And of course, Araragi’s little sisters Karen and Tsukihi make an appearance, leading to further inappropriate behavior on the part of their big brother. But the underlying issue here is Araragi’s aberrant state – and whether or not he will regain his humanity or become inhuman for eternity.

OMG – A Murderous Middle-Schooler is on the Loose!


Desperate times call for desperate measures. And it’s only because she’s desperate that Hitagi Senjogahara enlists her former nemesis, sleaziest-of-the-sleazy con man Deishu Kaiki, to use his questionable skills to thwart Nadeko Sengoku.

Nadeko Sengoku. Super-cute, super-shy middle-schooler whose disastrous mishap with snakes was chronicled in Otorimonogatari. Now, in KOIMONOGATARI: Love Tale, Sengoku is a deity, a serpent god. No longer self-effacing and timid, hiding behind her long bangs. As a matter of fact, all the hair on her head has been replaced by fearsome white snakes.

And why is Senjogahara so anxious for Kaiki’s help that she’ll even pay him? Because Sengoku intends to kill her, along with her boyfriend, Koyomi Araragi, in 74 days, right after their high school graduation ceremony!

KOIMONOGATARI, the finale to Season Two of the Monogatari series, is itself an aberration; it’s the first of these stories not to be told from the point of view of one of the main young cast members. This time, Kaiki is the narrator, and therefore, the first grown-up to tell the tale. But to assume that this shameless swindler and prevaricator is a reliable narrator just because of his age is a miscalculation. What is the truth, and who can be trusted? Is Kaiki actually in control of the con? Or is he himself being played for a fool?

A Stroll Down Memory Lane.


In ONIMONOGATARI (Demon Tale), the spotlight once again is on Shinobu Oshino (fka the uber-aberration Kissshot Acerolaorion Heartunderblade). In this installment of the Monogatari epic, Shinobu shares with Koyomi Araragi her recollections of events that happened 400 years ago, when she arrived in Japan via a massive jump from the South Pole, and created – and lost — her first thrall.

It all starts when Araragi encounters an ominous and inexplicable Darkness. He’s riding his bicycle with Mayoi Hachikuji clinging to his back when he sees – or senses –it, rapidly coming up behind him. Surprisingly, Araragi and his clingy passenger are flung from the bike just in the nick of time, thanks to the intervention of an adorable, affectless tween aberration named Yotsugi Ononoki.

Hiding out in the cram school with three young girls – Shinobu, Hachikuji, and Ononoki – pervy Araragi should have been in paradise. But there’s no time for fooling around. They are under siege by this strange phenomenon that doesn’t seem to be an aberration. But if not, what is it???? Even Shinobu, who ran into it four centuries ago, can’t explain.  And then, Shinobu disappears – apparently taken by the Darkness from out of Araragi’s shadow.

With Araragi’s link to Shinobu cut, and his vampiric powers weakened, it’s time for the crew to jump into action.  A meeting with Izuko Gaen, a fixer and former associate of Mèmè Oshino, helps to clarify the situation and makes Araragi realize that Shinobu’s tale is not the only sad one in the episode.



In OTORIMONOGATARI: Decoy Tale, NISIOISIN turns the spotlight on a most reluctant subject. Middle-schooler Nadeko Sengoku is super-adorable, but shy to the point of not even being there. She hides under big hats and long bangs, apologizes profusely for everything, refers to herself in the third person or as “i” and is happiest when she’s silent and unnoticed.

Sengoku’s misadventures begin when a jealous classmate puts a bogus hex on her. But then little Miss Bangs goes and gets herself seriously cursed for real, thanks to not doing proper research and performing a grisly ritual at a forgotten shrine. Who thought it would be a good idea to chop up snakes at an altar dedicated to a serpent??

Luckily Big Brother Koyomi comes to her aid, but it’s too little too late. Sengoku’s deal with a slithering devil threatens to destroy not just Nadeko Sengoku, but everyone around her. If only Sengoku was able to move past her isolation and ask for the help she desperately needs!



HANAMONOGATARI: Flower Tale is Kanbaru’s story and shows us quite another side of this potty-mouthed former basketball ace.

Suruga Kanbaru is feeling down in the dumps. The “injury” that forced her to give up playing basketball – the devil who’s taken up residence in her left arm (her Monkey Paw, thanks, Mom!) – is threatening to wreak havoc while she sleeps. And her beloved seniors Araragi, Hanekawa, and Senjogahara have graduated high school and left town. But she manages to pull herself out of her slump and go into action when she hears a rumor about a character calling itself the Lord Devil, who may or may not be a high school girl and who’s dispensing advice to fellow high schoolers with problems. Scared that this Lord Devil could have something to do with her (be her??), Kanbaru sets out to track her down.

Much to her surprise, the Lord Devil turns out to be Roka Numachi, whose own middle school basketball career was cut short by a leg injury. Could what’s ailing Numachi be of the same origin as Kanbaru’s sidelining situation? And what’s up with her seemingly altruistic practice of helping people? Is she really doing it out of the goodness of her heart, or does she have an ulterior motive? It takes a tense showdown between the two former competitors for Kanbaru to get on top of things and get her game back.

One of the darker, more thoughtful Monogatari episodes, HANAMONOGARI is still full of the action, smart dialogue, and great characters that readers expect from NISIOISIN.



(You’ll have to read the book to get that reference, but here’s a hint: fireworks!)

Vampires. Time travel. Zombies. Araragi’s inappropriate behavior. KABUKIMONOGATARI: Dandy Tale has all your favorite elements – and some shocking new ones.

In KABUKIMONOGATARI (“kabuki” not as in the theater, but from the character for “tilt,” meaning an off-kilter attitude toward the world), Araragi sets himself the goal of saving young Mayoi Hachikuji from a terrible fate. This noble mission takes him on a journey back in time and dimension. As both chronology and perception of reality become more and more contorted and confusing – not to mention dangerous – for Araragi and his traveling companion Shinobu Oshino (fka the uber-aberration Kissshot Acerolaorion Heartunderblade), he learns that the consequences of trying to alter history can be catastrophic.

Filled with NISIOISIN’s characteristic action-filled plots, literary pyrotechnics, and witty banter, KABUKIMONOGATARi is the second episode in season two of the epic Monogatari series. And since it ends with a scene that leads you right into the next book, you’ll definitely want to continue on the adventure in HANAMONOGATARI coming next month!

VOFAN announced as Guest of Honor at Anime Central 2018!


VOFAN Profile Photo

It has been announced that VOFAN, the star illustrator of the MONOGATARI series written by NISIOISIN, will be a Guest of Honor for Anime Central 2018!

Appraised by the fans around the world as “The Magician of Light from Taiwan”, VOFAN is famously known for using vibrant art style with unique camera techniques in his artworks.

As the main illustrator for NISIOISIN’s novel series for over a decade, VOFAN has illustrated more than 30 book covers and dozens of original character designs, including NISIOISIN’s newest novel series Okitegami Kyoko.

Beside his extensive illustration works for NISIOISIN, VOFAN has illustrated for magazine covers such as Famitsu and Fancy Frontier Magazine. VOFAN is also known as the main character designer for the popular Playstation 3 RPG game Toki to Towa released in 2013.

VOFAN has published a total of four illustration art books: Colorful Dreams (three volumes) and OTONA FANTASY (one volume), with all his best personal works included.

Currently Vertical has translated and published eight novels from the MONOGATARI series with more in the pipeline, the latest one being KABUKIMONOGATARI which is due out in May.

For the several of the U.S. versions of the MONOGATARI novels, VOFAN has created exclusive new cover artwork that the fans around the world have been cheering about.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet VOFAN at Anime Central 2018!

Event details:
Anime Central
Dates: May 18 (Fri) -20 (Sun)
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About MONOGATARI Series:





Catnip for Hanekawa Fans

NEKOMONOGATARI WHITEIn Bakemonogatari: Monster Tale, Part 03, NISIOISIN revealed that life for bespectacled, model student, class president among class presidents Tsubasa Hanekawa was a lot more complicated than she let on. Now, NEKOMONOGATARI Cat Tale (WHITE) leads us into even murkier territory, as Hanekawa tells her own story — from her grim, lonely home life to her struggles with the darkness that has invaded her soul.

Without Araragi’s usual narration, the story gives us a chance to see both fan-favorite Hanekawa and hapless loser Araragi from a totally different perspective. Is Araragi really so lame? What’s he up to during the time of Hanekawa’s excruciating self-vivisection? And, most importantly, what does he tell Tsubasa Hanekawa about his true feelings for her after she finally opens her heart to him?

NEKOMONOGATARI Cat Tale (WHITE) is as compelling and action-filled as the earlier books in NISIOISIN’s epic Monogatari saga, but with a disturbing, emotionally-wrenching kick that will haunt readers long after the last page is turned.

Hot summer, hot reading from VERTICAL!

It’s June and now the summer is really getting started! Time for the beach, the pool, some quiet reading in the shade – and some of the best that Vertical has to offer. The month is bookended by the release of the seventh Devils’ Line installment and NISEMONOGATARI Part 01, NISIOISIN’S eagerly- anticipated sequel to BAKEMONOGATARI. With Mysterious Girlfriend X 6, BLAME! 4 and Flying Witch 2 in between, every week of the month brings an exciting new Vertical adventure.

New Releases

Vampires and vampire hunters are also at the center of Devils’ Line, the modern dark fantasy series that’s romantic,thought-provoking, and action-packed. Book Seven finds Ishimaru, still shrouded in suspicion, leading Squad F on a raid of the CCC’s hideout. But the CCC is ahead of them in this cat-and-mouse game, and things do not go according to plan. When Anzai is caught in the crossfire, Tsukasa has to make a life-or-death decision.

Romance is on the agenda as well in Mysterious Girlfriend X 6, but here the couple in question share powers – and a special bond – quite different from the vampiric variety. As the school year wraps up, so does this 6-volume series, which was the basis for the hit anime available in English from Sentai Films and Crunchyroll. In this latest installment, Tsubaki invites Urabe to join him in a special place to watch the fireworks. Urabe also comes clean to Tsubaki’s sister about their relationship. And when Urabe “sees” an important event from Tsubaki’s past, she makes him an offer that will bring them even closer.

The fourth Master Edition of the groundbreaking BLAME! series returns you to the dystopian future world so skillfully created by comics artist Tsutomu Nihei. In this world-to-come, machines have pushed humanity to the brink. Robots known as the “Builders” have constructed a meaningless civilization with no one to reside in it. Soon these ghost cities begin reaching out to the outer planets, and another breed of life form emerges.

Makoto’s magical education continues in Flying Witch 2, the second of newcomer Chihiro Ishizuka’s funny, surreal slice-of-life series. This second episode finds Makoto attending a local cherry blossom festival, where she runs into someone who has a bone to pick with her sister, Akane. Akane makes an appearance, and teaches Makoto a few new tricks for flying as well as  some easy spellcraft. Their kid cousin Chinatsu is so charmed by the witches’ talents that she makes an unexpected request. Laughs, enchantment, and a taste of traditional Japanese culture combine to make this a perfect summer read!

Prolific phenom NISIOISIN’s legendary MONOGATARI saga continues in NISEMONOGATARI, Part 01, the follow-up to BAKEMONOGATARI. Hapless teenage vampire Koyomi Araragi is back, but this time, the action focuses on Araragi’s home life and his two younger sisters. Junior high schoolers Karen and Tsukihi are known by their schoolmates as the Fire Sisters. And they’re definitely balls of fire. Dedicated to defending justice, their brand of vigilantism is causing a lot of trouble – not just for the perps they’re pursuing, but for themselves. . . and their brother!

Please drop by the Kodansha Comics Booth #1006 at AX. We’ll be pre-selling She and Her Cat, Mobile Suit Gundam WING 1, and Nichijou 9!!

Future Releases:

And here is what to expect over the next few months:

  • Katsuyuki Sumizawa and Tomofumi Ogasawara, Mobile Suit Gundam WING: Glory of the Losers (July 2017)
  • Yui Tokiumi and Naoshi Arakawa, Your Lie in April (Light Novel) (July 2017)
  • Makoto Shinkai and Tsubasa Yamaguchi, She and Her Cat (August 2017)
  • NISIOISIN’s NISEMONOGATARI, Part 02 (August 2017)
  • Mizuki Tsujimura’s Anime Supremacy! (September 2017)

Image Copyrights – All Rights Reserved

DEVILS’ LINE 7 © 2017 Ryo Hanada.  All rights reserved.; My Neighbor Seki 9 © 2016 Takuma Morishige; MYSTERIOUS GIRLFRIEND X 6 © 2017 Riichi Ueshiba.  All rights reserved.; BLAME! 4 © 2017 Tsutomu Nihei. All rights reserved.; NISEMONOGATARI PART 01 © 2008 NISIOISIN.  All rights reserved.; FLYING WITCH 2 © 2014 Chihiro Ishizuka.  All rights reserved.

April Showers mean more Vertical Reading Hours

New Releases

April is a month of transition. With it comes spring showers, warmer longer days, and the hope of memorable sunny holidays in the not to distant future. But while it rains and storms, Vertical readers are best served staying inside amongst the comfort of their books. Whether thrilled and chilled by action and sci-fi works or inspired by the passion and abilities of the supernatural, Vertical readers have plenty of reason to read often this month!

AJIN volume 9 might be our most intense release yet. Now that may sound hyperbolic, but when you as a reader can experience the chaos and mayhem that went down in the Forge Security Building, you will marvel at the action, the creativity and the sheer madness that is the world of AJIN.

Sato’s bitter. That as much is obvious. But he is also diabolical. The Battle of Forge Safety, which began when demi-humans who aim to upend Japanese society waltzed into an ambush set by those who would deny them the pleasure, reaches its crescendo and conclusion in this volume. It is Kei Nagai and Mr. Hat in a prolonged battle within a tower in lock-down. What could go wrong?!!

Meanwhile Devils’ Line 6 turns up the drama. What is already one of the more compelling police stories in manga today, adds some new layers to the world of devils.

Ishimaru tries to bring in Zero Seven and Nine to get inside info on the CCC. In exchange for her cooperation, Zero Seven asks for information on the devil that murdered her mother, and the fateful meeting between Seven and Kikuhara is revealed. The house of an activist for devil rights is set on fire, and at the scene, Kikuhara pushes Anzai to remember his past…

After 7 volumes and countless esper battles, Tokyo ESP comes to an exciting conclusion. This final omnibus edition brings together the vast majority of the cast together one last time to fight over much more than the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area. These espers are waging a final battle and the whole world is at stake!

Once the board members of Ares have gathered, Claudia uses Touko to awaken the Messiah and receive its benediction—a massive magnification of her ESP—just as Rinka, Kobushi, Minami and Nadja storm in, setting off the biggest ESP battle in Tokyo’s history. Then an old enemy shows up, and alliances are strained as allegiances are tested. Can Rinka and her friends take down the power-drunk Claudia before Tokyo is wiped off the map…?

In Immortal Hounds 4, the Escape Artists are in trouble! The police’s vice is closing in on them and their secrets are about to be partially revealed.

Karigane adpots Rin’s risky strategy to rescue Snow White from the UN’s Vector containment facility, but not everything goes according to plan. A colleague starts to worry about Rin and discovers her diary, which includes secrets from her past as well as her current mission. And Shige considers early retirement when tragedy strikes home…

In the conclusion of NISIOISIN’s BAKEMONOGATARI, part 3 focuses on a class president among class presidents. A bespectacled model student who soars to the top of honors lists without fail, Tsubasa Hanekawa also happens to be a decent human being. While she does have a habit of making single-minded assumptions, they come from a good place and turn out to be fortuitous as often as not.

Loser extraordinaire Koyomi Araragi owes her his post of class vice president and a more significant debt of gratitude for her unstinting support during the darkest spring break of his life. All of it has blinded him to the possibility that his saintly classmate’s family situation might be no less adverse than that of his other lady friends.

Thus, at last, we face Hanekawa’s unlikely aberration in “Tsubasa Cat”—the concluding part of the legendary novel that captured the sensibilities of a new generation in the aught years and spawned an animated series that has won international popularity and acclaim—before the story continues with a Fake Tale…

2f80d7ce64309b4e761b1ba8_392x560BLAME! Returns

Last year, cyberpunk fans across the globe rejoiced when we announced the return of BLAME! via our new Master Edition collection. The new oversized editions have the gravity and heft of something bigger than life, which is an appropriate way to describe Nihei’s massive futuristic universe.

Next month that universe will be moving from the page to the screen, as NETFLIX will be releasing a new feature length film adaptation of Tsutomu Nihei’s masterwork. Produced by Polygon Pictures, BLAME! will feature updated art that is more in line with Mr. Nihei’s current aesthetics.

Full of action and stunning visuals this new retelling of this legendary work is bound to create a whole new generation of Toha Industry supporters!

Future Releases:

And here is what to expect over the next few months:

  • Shuka Matsuda and Nakaba Suzuki, Seven Deadly Sins (Light Novel) (May 2017)
  • Katsuyuki Sumizawa and Tomofumi Ogasawara, Mobile Suit Gundam WING: Glory of the Losers (July 2017)
  • Yui Tokiumi and Naoshi Arakawa, Your Lie in April (Light Novel) (July 2017)
  • Makoto Shinkai and Tsubasa Yamaguchi, She and Her Cat (August 2017)


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BLAME! 3 © 2017 Tsutomu Nihei; BAKEMONOGATARI, Part 3 © 2006 NISIOISIN; AJIN: Demi-Human 9 © 2017 Gamon Sakurai; Devils’ Line 6 © 2017 Ryo Hanada; Immortal Hounds 4 © Ryo Yasohachi 2016; Tokyo ESP 8 © Hajime SEGAWA 2016. All Rights Reserved