Ring in the new year with terror

S (Es)When extraordinary evil targets ordinary people, the fear alone can kill you!

In S (Es), the latest episode in the blockbuster RING series (Ring, Spiral, and Loop), Koji Suzuki returns to the scenario that made his earlier works so sublimely scary. This time, though, he offers a totally contemporary riff on the classic horror themes he explores.

The protagonist of S (Es), is Takanori Ando, the son of Spiral’s Dr. Mitsuo Ando. And the medium is a live-streamed video of a suicide by hanging that’s been floating around the internet. When Takanori’s boss at the CGI production company asks him to look at the clip, Takanori is shocked by what he sees. He determines, however, that the disturbing images are not faked or generated by CG software.

He saves the file to his PC; but when he watches it again – and again – he realizes that each time he views it, the images have changed. And then his pregnant girlfriend Akane, who may or may not have a childhood connection to the man in the video, watches it. Takanori now fully understands that there’s a very real and inexplicable danger out there…and it’s getting closer to those he loves.