The Wine Frontier

Get ready to be whisked away from the culture and complexity of French and Italian wines, and let this palatable manga help you drink in the innovative new tastes of American wine, and other wines of the new world. The Drops of God is the only manga about wine in US, and The United States itself is at the forefront of this special volume, with wine from Australia also sharing the spotlight. Showing off new kinds of wine, and an entire new world not present in previous volumes, There’s a lot to savor in Napa Valley and Australia, and The Drops of God: The New World will take you through every sip.

The competition is more intense as ever. Set some time after their confrontation for the 2nd apostle, Japanese wine enthusiasts Shizuku Kanzaki and Issei Tomine once again collide in a head to head, palate to palate global hunt for a heaven sent wine. This time, their battle brings our two wine connoisseurs, and their lovely female assistants, to the far reaches of wine’s new world. From Napa Valley, California to the Australian outback, there, through a whole lot of thought and even more drinking, they see that there are more sides to wine, and to them, than just what southern Europe has had to offer.

Not only has The Drops of God sold over 500,000 copies worldwide, in recent years it has become one of the most important wine publications around.  It’s the most influential wine publication in Asia, single-handedly more than doubling the sales of wine in that region. Needless to say, this comic knows its wine, and The Drops of God makes it accessible to any reader. And this volume showcases excellent domestic wines, painting a beautiful picture of America’s wine country, it lets the world know that our wine, like our comics, are every bit as sophisticated and impressive as our French counterparts.