Andromeda Stories, Vol. 1

Andromeda Stories

By Keiko Takemiya

Graphic Novel / Manga / Sci-Fi
Paperback, approx. 208 pages, 6 x 8 in.
Volume 1 978-1-932234-84-8 Buy.
Volume 2 978-1-932234-84-8 Buy.
Volume 3 978-1-934287-04-0 Buy.
U.S.$11.95 / CAN$15.95

The Cosmoralian Empire has been infiltrated by machines and mankind’s only hope lies in the hands of twin heirs Prince Jimsa and sister Affle. They must save the Empire in time or technology will destroy all organic life.

Andromeda Stories explores the themes of man versus machine and the inescapable grip of destiny, concepts that would later be employed in films such as The Matrix and The Terminator.

“There’s a bracing fearlessness to the whole of Andromeda Stories, a genuine sense that the fate of a world
—or a universe—really does hang in the balance.”
Advanced Media Network

Keiko TakemiyaKeiko Takemiya is one of the most influential and trailblazing female artists of the manga medium and is one of the founding members of The Magnificent 49ers, a group of revolutionary female manga creators who inspired a new generation of artists, including CLAMP. After dropping out of her education major at Tokushima University, she made her manga debut in 1968 with The Sin of the Apple. She has exhibited a diverse range of themes—from Sci-Fi and homoeroticism to music, and in 1980 she won the 25th annual Shogakkan Manga Award for The Poem of The Wind and The Tree and To Terra…. Currently she is a professor of Manga Arts at Kyoto Seika University’s Art Department.