by Asa Nonami

Paperback, approx. 200 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 inches
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A housewife who discovers the pleasures of plastic surgery. A timid salaryman obsessed with women’s soft knees. A guy in his twenties contending with thinning hair. A girl shipped off to an elite high school in Tokyo. A boy who constantly finds himself the target of older men’s fists. The characters featured in Asa Nonami’s short stories have one thing in common–a fixation with an aspect of the body that leads them down the rabbit hole of warped self-perception. These modern fables show what happens when people let superficial preoccupations take over their lives.

Asa Nonami is the award-winning author of The huNTer (Kodansha international). she is the first recipient of the Japanese mystery and suspense Award and has won the Naoki Prize (Japanese equivalent of The National Book Award), joining a long and distinguished list of translated Japanese masters of popular fiction. Praise for Nonami’s Now you’re oNe of us:

“This pulpy family psychodrama is hugely entertaining— like watching some filmed version of The electric Kool-Aid Acid Test from an adapted screenplay by mario Puzo and directed by yasujiro ozu.” —Time Asia “This novel is in the great tradition of daphne du maurier and mary roberts rinehart, with lots of atmosphere and cryptic clues, and the creepy plotlines just pull us further and further into the darkness. ” —The GloBe ANd mAil