The Ring Trilogy

Quantum Horror


by Koji Suzuki

Hardcover, approx 380 pages, 5.5 x 8.25 inches
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The author of the Ring Trilogy that spawned blockbuster movies on both sides of the pacific presents a new level of terror with an apocalyptic work that casts the very earth and skies into doubt.

When a tram of American scientists tests new computer hardware by calculating the value of Pi into the deep decimals, the figures begin to repeat a pattern where where ought to be none. After older machines of certified reliability give the same result, a seemingly irrational fear sets in. It's mathematically untenable—unless the physical constants that undergird our universe have altered, ever so slightly…

"Aptly billed as the Japanese Stephen King.”—Publishers Weekly  

"(Suzuki’s) stories have a unique, alchemical quality to them and he has demonstrated a miraculous power for transmuting the very common into the very frightening.”—Rue Morgue