It all started with a letter.


by Tetsuo Takashima

Paperback, approx. 280 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 inches
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It all started with a letter. An editor of a local newspaper in California receives a mysterious diagram for a nuclear bomb in an envelope with no return address. On the opposite coast, a reporter for The Washington Post thinks there’s something more to the apparent suicide of a high-ranking White House official. Both newspapermen end up involved with scandals that bring into focus issues of freedom of speech and the press versus national security in a high-stakes race to uncover who is really pulling the strings in the government—and soon find out the dangerous lengths such figures will go to in order to keep their machinations from the eyes of the public.

Tetsuo Takashima was born in 1949. After working for Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, he moved to California, where he studied at the University of California. Upon his return to Japan, he began writing while managing a private preparatory school. Fallout won the 1994 Shosetsu Gendai Mystery Newcomer Award. Other novels include the action thriller Intruder, which won the 1999 Suntory Mystery Award. He has written more than twenty novels in the action/thriller/suspense/mystery genres.