Iron Chef Chen's Knockout Chinese

Recipes and techniques from an original Iron Chef

Iron Chef Chen’s Knockout Chinese

By Chen Kenichi

Translated by Patricia Kawasaki
Paperback, 112 full-color pages, 7.5 x 9.5 inches
U.S.$19.95 / CAN$22.95

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Nominated for “Best Cookbook of the Year: Japan” by the 2010 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards and the Paris Book Fair

From the Japanese TV cooking sensastion, Iron Chef—the inspiration for the Food Network hit series of the same name—comes this cookbook by one of he original Iron Chefs, Chen Kenichi. And like the dishes on the show, each of more than 50 recipes in this book presents an unusual approach to familiar ingredients that is a signature and fan favorite aspect of the Iron Chef experience. But despite the pedigree of the recipes, the instructions are easy to follow and accessible to all.

With Iron Chef Chen’s Knockout Chinese, you can have Chinese any night of the week without fear of MSG or whether you’ve gone to the ATM or not.

Born January 5, 1956 in Tokyo, Japan, Chen Kenichi is best known as the Iron Chef Chinese on the original Iron Chef television series. He is the only Iron Chef to have held his position on the show throughout its 6-year run.

As the son of Chen Kenmin, who is regarded as the father of Sichuan cuisine in Japan, Kenichi was often compared to his father on the series, with some saying that Iron Chef helped the son exceed the skills of the father. Due to his long tenure, Kenichi fought more battles than any other Iron Chef—a whopping 92 in all—with a win/loss record of 67-22-3, including a record 14 consecutive victories.

“By one of the original Iron Chefs, this book opens the eyes to original ideas and tastes without MSG. The recipes are interesting, easy to make, and delights to devour.”
Flavor & Fortune magazine

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