Origami Flowers

Fold Beautiful Paper Bouquets

Origami Flowers

by Kazuo Kobayashi

Arts & Crafts
Paperback, 80 pages, approx 8.25 x 10 inches
978-1-939130-18-1 Buy.
U.S.$16.95 / CAN$18.95

Getting bored with garden-variety origami patterns? Origami Flowers will show you how to get around that thorny issue with a colorful array of inventive, clever and florid designs. Discover a whole bouquet of paper flowers, perfect for gifts, decorations or even table settings. Folding up these origami will make your creativity blossom and keep your brain active—all without digging around in the dirt.

Bonus: Origami paper perfect for flowers included!


Kazuo Kobayashi is the director of one of the largest origami clubs in Japan—The Ochanomizu Origami Center (a nationally recognized NPO). In the 1800's Kobayashi's great-great-great-grandfather founded the Origami Center and ever since taking charge of the Center Kazuo has written dozens of books on origami while being an international ambassador for the craft.

"Even though Origami Flowers has many designs that are common, you will still find several new ideas in this book. The chrysanthemum made from a collection of artfully arranged paper cranes is one of my favorite featured flowers. Since cranes are often folded as a symbol of hope and good wishes, this flower would be a lovely gift for someone who is in the hospital or at home recovering from an illness. The origami box rose is another very attractive and unique design. The rose is created by folding five progressively smaller boxes and nesting them inside each other to create the petals for the flower. It's a clever alternative to more advanced rose designs such as the famous Kawasaki rose." —Dana Hinders; About.com