Simply Precious Pop-Ups

Easy-to-Make and Beautiful 3D Greeting Cards

Simply Precious Pop-Ups

by Kiyoshi Kikuchi

Arts and Crafts
Paperback, 80 pages, approx 7.5 x 10 inches
978-1-935654-85-8 Buy.
U.S.$14.95 / CAN$16.95

Nowadays, when emails and e-cards are becoming the standard way to wish someone a happy birthday or to send congratulations, actual paper cards are a touching, more permanent form of expression. Why not take that a step further and make your own cards? Better still, impress the recipient with a hand-made pop-up card! The cards presented in this book can be used for various occasions year-round. But don’t worry about pop-up cards being too complicated—all you need is a few simple tools and you’ll be snipping away and sending off a smile in no time.

Originally from Yamagata and now residing in Fukushima, Japan, Kiyoshi Kikuchi is a picture book author and craftsman. Working out of his studio, Kikuchi has produced a dozen books since the 80's. As an accomplished artist, he has also produced a number of art installations which have been on display across Japan, as well. A master of papercraft, he has more than a dozen books on the subject ranging from origami to pop-up cards published in his homeland.

Simply Precious Pop-Ups is his first book translated into English.

"I really like this book, it doesn't have sliders, spinners and other fancy effects like some pop-up books. Just very clean designs that are easily accomplished. You may need to practice a bit before trying some of the more intricate designs, but none of them are too intricate. They can be done with your children too as long your children are mature enough to use sharp scissors.”—Don't Eat the Paste  

"Simply Precious Pop-ups is a new book filled with loads of fun do-it-yourself pop up cards. . . Since my dad loves to golf and Father’s Day is coming up soon I decided to try out the golf bag card. The instructions were easy to follow and the card was quick to make. I needed only a few simple supplies, two ½ sheets of paper, a small pair of sharp scissors and a stylus for scoring. I think my dad will love it!”—  

"Full-color photos of completed cards are compiled in a gallery at the beginning of the book, so you can browse through this section for ideas and inspiration. Since it's hard to find free kirigami resources online, this book is a great investment for your personal crafting library."—Dana Hinders,