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Eisner Award Winner!!!
Best Foreign Work

“Tezuka…manages to cover all manner of emotion and story with wit and pulp instincts that make
these mammoth volumes page-turners.”
–Washington Post

“Siddhartha’s contemplative life becomes a swash-buckling adventure.” –Newsday

“In handsome volumes designed by Chip Kidd, the Vertical books present Tezuka at his best.” –National Post

Buddha is a work of exceptional artistic beauty; Tezuka was at the top of his game here, balancing stylized
character concepts against finely detailed backdrops.”

“Ten out of f***ing ten!” –Diamond Comics Previews

“This is one of the great achievements of the comics medium,
a masterpiece by one of the greats.”

“(Tezuka’s) stunning work is inspiring and deeply sobering.” –NY Press

“I have been, and continue to be an ardent admirer of Osamu Tezuka, so I am especially pleased to have a chance to study his brilliant storytelling and narrative art that rises above the casual style of Tezuka’s imitators.”
–The late Will Eisner, author of A Contract With God

Buddha stands as the opus of Japan's greatest cartoonist, and a high watermark for the medium. Tremendously inspiring, overwhelming, breathtaking, etc. etc... I wish it could go on forever.” –Craig Thompson, author of Blankets

“Osamu Tezuka invented a whole new grammar of comics storytelling and his place in the history of Japanese comics is about as central as Siddhartha's place in the history of Buddhism.” –Art Spiegelman, author of Maus

“The books are all I’d hoped they’d be. Tezuka’s dramatic skills make the pages fly by... Tezuka’s drawings add to the impact of the work; he places his lively, cartoony figures in beautifully rendered landscapes.”
–Chester Brown, author of Louis Riel

“Exciting, humanly moving, revealing, it makes the Buddha's achievement much more real than just reciting the traditional facts. I read each volume without putting it down! Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! Three times excellent!”
–Tenzin Robert Thurman

“Tezuka’s most ambitious and succesful work available in English to date.” –Comics Journal

“There’s more to Buddha than Pali Canon-meets-Spiderman.” –Dharma Life

Buddha is one of Tezuka's true masterpieces. We're lucky to have this excellent new edition in English.”
–Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics

“With quality like what Buddha gives us, the adult manga audience better grow as Tezuka's vision of the Buddha spreads (literally) across the spines of the eight volumes of this series.”
–Franz Metcalf, author of What Would Buddha Do?

“Those expecting to see something along the lines of one of those dumbass religious comic books full of bland images and whiter than white characters will be sorely disappointed. This is a rough, often sexy book full of daring reinterpretations of the traditional Buddhist tales.”
–Brad Warner, author of Hardcore Zen

“In Tezuka’s world, the exquisite collapses into the goofy in a New York minute, the goofy into the melodramatic, the melodramatic into the brutal, and the brutal into the sincerely touching. The surprising result is a work wholly unique and downright fun.” –Time Out NY

“Tezuka’s Buddha is a striking and memorable confluence of ancient wisdom and contemporary popular art.”
–Yoga Journal

“Infused with humor and history, the epic of Siddhartha is perhaps Osamu Tezuka’s crowning achievement and illustrates why, without irony, Tezuka is referred to as ‘The King of Japanese Comics’.” –LA Weekly